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Following on from the work of the business-led IPPR Race Equality Task Force.......

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FEB 2005

Following on from the work of the business-led IPPR Race Equality Task Force, a new equality standard for business has emerged and the creation of a distinct body, Committed2Equality, (C2E) to assist, advise and record commitment from SMEs and big business alike.

C2E and one of the Task Force members, Janet Lakhani, SME champion have designed an equality model for business which is a step by step guide to help organisations develop a tailored equality policy, based on the Task Force recommendations and incorporating ACAS and CRE guidelines for racial and other equalities.

The C2E (Committed2Equality) equality programme "Good Working Practice" aids organisations to navigate through the maze of equality regulations, statutory requirements and plethora of advice on the equalities. The programme tailors an equality policy for individual organisations and demonstrates the tangible business benefits to be had from implementing and operating an equality policy.

The programme has been welcomed by Government and has received support from Task Force organisations and key stakeholders. C2E programme's for SMEs are supported by SBS/Government Office, Learning and Skills Council, Job Centre Plus and Chambers of Commerce as partners, demonstrating willingness to engage in cross departmental co-operation on equality, -a real achievement for Government in driving this agenda forward. Large organisations (more than 250 employees) are also working with C2E to develop, review and benchmark their equality policies.

The seal of approval, the C2E unique number, awarded to organisations after successful completion of the programme, is a beacon to customers, the supply chain and existing and future employees that the business is committed2equality.

C2E aims to register between 50-60,000 SMEs and 3000 major companies across the UK over the next three years, representing 25% of all businesses employing 10 people or more. The C2E programme is available on line, on disc or as a hard copy, and in the final approval stages is supported face to face by a business and equality advisor.

Janet Lakhani, C2E Chief Executive says "the benefits for business operating a well thought out equality policy are many, including increasing the worth of the business, growing the labour pool, improving business performance, a better supply chain and avoiding the cost of bad practice."

Jane Kennedy, Minister of State for Work, who attended the launch of the C2E programme in Liverpool last week welcoming the C2E programme stated "the time is right to push forward with this initiative now".

JAN 2005

In order to remain competitive we need to continuously improve the performance of businesses and service providers. This means ensuring we engage the whole team in the planning and attainment of the company aims.

Despite this, a recent survey into employee attitudes indicated some 26% of those interviewed felt they received little or no support from their supervisor. Even more felt they had little control over their work.

The Information and Consultation Regulations - to be introduced in April 2005 - will not solve these issues. Trying to impose behaviours seldom improves any situation.
However, developing Leadership and Management skills could provide much better results.

Performance Management correctly applied will certainly help.

For further information on this new legislation, how it will affect your business and to see how ABL Human Resources might be able to help you, contact Arthur Laflin for an initial discussion.


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